ISAIAH 43:19

Isaiah 43 captures a vision of God making a way when there is NO WAY, bringing life out of death, making possible the impossible, and forming a group of people from those He has saved to declare His praise and bring Him glory.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be part of something that there is flat out, no way it could happen, unless God made it happen?

God is doing a new thing! He is making a way! He is creating life in the wilderness and giving water in the desert — and our desire is to be part of it!

We are gathering individuals and families who want to be part of building the DNA and values of a gospel centered community that we believe will make a difference in our surrounding area and further the Kingdom of God.

We are on a mission to fulfill Isaiah 43 and call people to freedom from bondage. If you believe God might be calling you to that, then come gather with us.

Everyone and anyone is invited to be part of Mission 43:19, so please feel free to invite friends and family. We have begun meeting on Sunday evenings.

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